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Rhyan Geiger

Hi there! I’m Rhyan

If you love easy healthy-ish recipes that are budget-friendly you’ll feel right at home here. If you want to incorporate more plants into your lifestyle I’m so glad you’re here. I made this page to help you live a life that makes you say Oh My! In a good way.


I’m a plant-based dietitian and have been eating plants since December 2015. I decided to eat more plants to improve my overall health and to lessen my CO2 footprint.

“The general benefits of eating a plant-based diet is that it is lower in cholesterol and lower in saturated fat, depending on food choices. It may be lower in calories, and if you eat more fruits and vegetables, it may be higher in fiber, which may help lower cholesterol levels and help with heart disease prevention. It may also be higher in potassium and lower in sodium, which can help lower blood pressure,”

There are so many amazing benefits that can come from eating more plants. As a dietitian, I provide nutrition consulting and a variety of other plant-based services. See my work with me page or send a message using the form below to contact me.


I completed my undergraduate degree at Arizona State University where I received a degree in Nutrition, a minor in Global Health and a certificate in Childhood Nutrition. After completing my degree I went to Georgia Southern for my 1,200 supervised practice hour dietetic internship.


Outside of Oh My Nutrition, I enjoy practicing yoga and watching webinars. My favorite food is potatoes because they are so versatile! Think of all the foods you can make with potatoes, there’s a potato for every occasion!