I’m a Spring Roll Novice. Let Me Teach You How To…or Not To


Tuesday was the first day of spring and man! did it bring a storm! Here in Georgia, we have been getting so many thunderstorms and beautiful rain. In the pure good spirit of spring, It’s festive over here with SPRING ROLLS! I have been on an Asian food kick for like 4 weeks, no joke.This all started when I tried a sweet potato sushi roll. I know what you’re thinking, yes it actually does taste good- much to my surprise too. This one tiny roll is what caught my eye and how this madness started. Currently thinking about those rolls, do I order take out? 


This was my first time making spring rolls and like most things in life, it didn’t go as planned. I should have known it would go terribly wrong when I cut the carrots into half moons instead of planks, but apparently, that wasn’t a big enough sign. Luckily I didn’t cut them all by the time this realization smacked me in the face. I had a few carrots hiding in the fridge that saved me. As I was walking down the grocery store aisle I saw spring roll wrappers. They were an impulse buy because I was definitely in the mood for something fresh and tasty. I gave it a shot and here is where I went wrong, so very wrong.


The basics of creating a beautiful spring roll are cutting vegetables and wrapping it up nicely. I failed epically at both of these fundamental principles. BUT practice makes perfect, so I will just have to keep trying. Some tips that you can take with a grain of salt here;

  1. TAKE your time cutting vegetables, or if you want to, buy them pre-cut.
  2. DON’T overfill your little spring roll wrappers.
    *This was hard for me because once I got the wrapper wet and laid it down I couldn’t see where it went because it turned transparent.
  3. VARIETY, have a variety of different vegetables of all different colors. Variety not only makes it colorful and pretty but also adds more available nutrients to your meal.
  4. TRY, try and try again! The first spring roll you make might not be the best, but keep trying. You will go from novice to master in no time. I’m still a novice if you were wondering.


I can tell you what did make up for the appearance, the tahini sauce from my Thug Kitchen Cookbook, you know, my favorite. To add just a pinch more vegan flare, I cut a ½ block of tofu into small little squares and marinated the heck out of it. Apparently marinating for a long time creates a better taste? Not sure on that one… will get back to you. The tofu is what really seemed to pull it together. I can honestly say that the taste was 100% there and the appearance was 100% not. For a first ever try I think it went decently, I would try it again so it must not have caused too much emotional damage.


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