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Becoming an Aldi Pro My GF & V Aldi Staples

Becoming an Aldi Pro


Aldi is a simple, cost-effective grocery store. The uniqueness of the store is what saves you dollars. I’m always looking for a good deal and Aldi always has that. When I’m grocery shopping I start my list here and then work through the other nearby grocery stores. I get most of my groceries from Aldi or Kroger. Specialty items usually come from Sprouts or Trader Joe’s occasionally Whole Foods, but, I just go there for cookies. Aldi is much different from those stores. If you’ve never been to Aldi here is the DL to becoming a pro.  



Aldi Carts

Let’s start with the cart because it’s the most confusing part. Initially, I thought you had to pay to use the cart. You do, kind of, but you get your money back. This is how it works, all you need is 1 quarter. I keep a quarter in my car and call it “my Aldi quarter”. So to use a cart you put the quarter into the shopping cart. There is a slot on the handle and it releases from the other carts. They are “chained” together. Then you fill up your cart, tote it around and once you’re done hauled it off to your car unload it then take the cart back “chain” it to the one in front of it and your quarter pops back at you.


BYOB. Bring your own bag! This is what really sold me on Aldi, besides the prices. Real talk, you all know how much I love reusable bags and saving the environment so the fact that Aldi doesn’t even offer one-time use bags really gets my hyped up. In case you forget a bag they have some for purchase at the checkout. Pro Tip: leave a few reusable bags in the trunk of your car. Then you’ll always have one.

Here are the items I try to pick up every time I’m around

*I like getting some “Aldi Finds” but those are limited edition and change frequently I kept those off this list.




Corn on Cob

Zucchini + Summer Squash

Green Bell Peppers, red & yellow if they are on sale.


Grape Tomatoes



Black beans (Simply Nature Organic) $.89

Chickpeas (Simply Nature Organic) $.89

Local Salsa

Live G Free Pretzels

70% > Chocolate Bars

Black and Green Olives

Nuts/Trail Mix



Unsweetened Almond Milk $1.89

Kosher Pickle Spears (Little Salad Bar)

Roasted Red Pepper Hummus (Little Salad Bar)

Frozen Fruit

  • Berry Medley (Season’s Choice)
  • Tropical Blend (Season’s Choice)

Frozen VeggiesHow to Aldi like a Pro

  • Cauliflower Medley (Season’s Choice)
  • Steamable Broccoli Stir Fry (Season’s Choice)
  • Steamable Asian Seasoned Medley (Season’s Choice)


Winking Owl $2.89

  • The best 2-buck-chuck you’ll find.



Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Simply Nature Organic)

Avocado Oil

Original Hot Sauce 


There you have it! My Aldi grocery haul, the items I leave with 90% of the time.

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