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Travel Diary; Anniversary of Denmark, Sweden and Norway

Travel Diary; Anniversary of Denmark, Sweden and Norway 2 summers ago I traveled to Denmark, Sweden, and Norway. I had a blog dedicated to that so people could keep up as I went around. I found the diary so all events are happening real time.

*Always pack for travel… I’ve learned since this trip to always be prepared. Here you have my life in Europe circa 2 years ago. I kept a dairy from each day for a project. To celebrate the 2-year anniversary of the trip I’m publishing the diary that I kept.

June 6, 2016, in Europe

We’re on our way! It’s the day that I’m leaving for Europe! My flight is June 5 at 7 pm Arizona time. I won’t land in Denmark until 8 pm June 6.

Later that day,

The first flight is over and was almost ten hours. The middle seat was empty so I didn’t have to share space with anyone. The vegan plane food was interesting. For dinner, I had rice with mushrooms, salad, dried fruit, fresh fruit, and wine. Breakfast was polenta with a blueberry compote. I have no idea what that is, but it had an undesirable texture. 

The layover in London was about an hour. The woman who stamped my passport stamped it on top of other stamps. Even though I opened it and handed it to her on the page I wanted her to stamp it on. The gate screen didn’t tell us where to go until twenty minutes before departure! We had to catch a little train to take us to the gate and we made it just in time.

myohmyitsrhy in London-Diary

I slept on the flight from London to Copenhagen. It wasn’t a long flight but I was sleepy! Now we are on our way to find the Metro train to take us to our hotel. It’s currently 8 pm and we’re missing group dinner.

Later that night
We survived Denmark city Metro! It was a long haul but we made it to our hotel and we caught the end of dinner! The next stop is City Center! It’s a little late, but the Metro runs almost all night it’s closed for 1 hour for “construction”.

The city center is cute! The shops and buildings are beautiful! We stopped at an underground ice-cream shop. I got sorbet & it was delicious, maybe I’ll live off that while I’m here. Today I got 1 scoop of raspberry & 1 scoop of strawberry.

myohmyitsrhy-Denmark Diary

Even Later that Night
It’s 1 am now and we just got back. Going to sleep to be rested for tomorrow. What an eventful day!

June 7, 2016, in Denmark

The sun doesn’t set until 11 pm and rises at 4 am. There is so much daylight! I woke up with the sun thinking it was time to wake up, only to find that it wasn’t time at all. Today we’re off to a fun start visiting the market and then Carlsberg Brewery.

At Market
The market is full of fresh produce. I bought some raspberries and they were DELICIOUS. The strawberries were also very tasty. They have a wide variety of fresh foods.

myohmyitsrhy at Market in Denmark
Now you know where my favorite picture I use all the time came from!

The market is the cutest little place to buy everything you need. It’s a lot nicer than a typical grocery store but more expensive.
It’s really hard to find vegan meals here. I feel like everything has milk and eggs! I started a new thing, every day I sorbet, today’s flavor is strawberry.

Off to the Brewery! They didn’t have any guided tours, so we did a self-guided. There was a room full of unopened bottles, it holds the Guinness World Record for most unopened bottles.

Carlsberg Brewery

DYK Denmark had a period of time specifically for inebriation? They would drink up to 30 liters of beer during the Renaissance.

Later that day
After our walk through the park, we strolled past the zoo and watched the monkeys play together. 

We ate dinner with a sunset view by the harbor. *talk about a killer view*

Sunset Denmark

The temperature has only been in the 60s. It’s chilly in the morning, warm at midday and chilly at night. Brrrr!

June 8, 2016, in Denmark

I slept through the night! Today we’re going to ride the train to visit a castle. We just finished breakfast I had dry cereal with an orange {no dairy free milk}. The fruit here is super flavorful and juicy.

We took 2 trains to get to Kronborg Castle. The castle was huge. I’ve always wondered if castles really have moats and this one does!  Kronberg Castle MoatIt’s not a circle moat it goes in a different shape. Inside the castle, actors were dressed up as characters from Hamlet. We watched the play live as we walked through the rooms of the castle. The queen, Queen Gertrude resembled the Red Queen from Alice in Wonderland. Naturally, I had to take a picture with her. By far was the highlight of my day.

The Castle was the only thing planned for today. The rest of the day is free time. We’re going to stop by Freddy’s Castle on the way home. *it’s not really called that, but I like it better*

After arriving at Freddy’s Castle

THIS CASTLE IS HUGE. We got there at 4:15 pm-ish and it closed at 5 pm. The woman there was rushing us around & was very rude! She yelled at me for my purse “not being in front of me” when it clearly was. Being the jerk I am I looked at her and draped it around my neck like it was a necklace and walked away. The castle was so pretty it was easy to ignore her negativity.

I’ve never seen a castle with so much elaborate detailing in everything. The floors were detailed, the ceilings were detailed, the walls were detailed, everything had details! It was so pretty. In the back of the castle, there is a “garden” that really looks like a park.

The Royal Family still lives in part of the castle too! A different part than what is toured.

After the castle, we stopped in a small town of Helsinger *I think*. There weren’t many people around but we found a lovely restaurant that had SKETTI!

Our train ride home was interesting because we ran into a local man named Esker. He was telling us a lot of random facts about Denmark. Cars in Denmark are taxed at a high rate so many people don’t have them. My theory is that’s because they have free healthcare here.

The sorbet flavor today: N/A

June 9, 2016, in Denmark

I’m up bright & early on the day were able to sleep in. haha, it always seems to work that way. I was productive and got one of my assignments done at Starbucks. I got a latte and it was $9 for a venti!

Our first stop today was at the International Market that had tons of food options from all over the world. Meats and cheeses were the two most popular stands. Other stands sold wool coats and socks too. Man, street markets are very popular here.
On the way to the Medical Museum, we stopped at the Queens Palace. Do you know what the difference between a castle and a palace is? While we were there we watched her drive by, she didn’t wave or anything. Her guards wore helmets that are made out of bear fur. After the palace, we went to the Medical Museum. It was really interesting to see all the items they had there. My favorite section was with all the babies who had birth defects.
Queens Castle in Denmark
After the medical museum, a few of us went to Tivoli,  an amusement park/garden. We went on a helicopter ride that goes 60 mph and is 400 meters high. I thought my organs were being rearranged from the wind pressing so hard on them.
Today’s sorbet flavor was raspberry. I tried pomegranate and it was so sweet my body shuddered. 

June 10, 2016, in Denmark

Today we have more free time to go explore the city. We’re going to Free Town. It’s a town with no laws or rules a.k.a self-governing.

Free Town has vendors that sell jewelry and paraphernalia. It’s pretty much just a pot city. Free Town doesn’t allow any pictures to be taken inside the city only outside. It looks boring from the outside but inside there is music and a lot of people. I bought a really pretty bracelet it’s made of brass and opal.

Free Town Denmark

After Free Town, we went to the market to find food. VEGAN pizza that has tomato sauce with roasted garlic, mushrooms, and greens.
Later that day

We took the train into Malmo, Sweden to tour a chocolate factory. When we got there at 5 pm We saw that the last tour was at 2 pm. We went allllllll the way to Malmo (a 2-hour train ride) and then didn’t do anything. Just walked around aimlessly.

On that walk, we ran into Condeco. It’s a little restaurant with VEGAN FOOD. I nearly died of happiness. My day went from -9 to -5 real quick. They had a vegan sandwich and a cupcake. Both of them were amazing & it was the cutest place ever.

June 11, 2016, in Denmark

Today we get to pick what we want to do. I want to go see the stores along the river and stop by the Christiansburg Castle.

They have a Michael Kors store and the sale price was $300 for tiny things. Food trucks were lined up and the whole place was busy and fun. Christiansburg castle has burnt down 2 times before! How does that even happen? The first Castle was the prettiest, it had a moat. One word to describe this Castle now is “chandelier” in every room there was at least one huge one!
Christiansburg Castle- Denmark
Christiansburg Castle was huge! Halls and rooms are still used for special events. Queen has white royal horses, the stables were made of marble.
After the castle, we went to the Hard Rock Cafe to grab souvenirs. We were able to find another place that offered vegan food! I got a vegan sandwich. It was pretty good, not as good as Condeco but it worked! EVERY DAY I SORBET! This time I got half strawberry half raspberry.
To finish our day off we went to the beach. It was cold but pretty. People were actually playing in the ice cold water.

June 12, 2016, in Sweden

A majority of today (5.5 hours) was spent on a train to Stockholm, Sweden. I’m surprised that I slept for most of the ride because I slept forever the night before. I ended up oversleeping and the group left without me and my roommate. We had to figure out how to get to central station from the hotel, Luckily it was only one stop away. Once we got off the train in Sweden we went to our Hostel to drop our bags off. We’re in rooms of four in bunk beds this time, the rooms are kind of small but it’ll work!

Sweden Bunk Bed

For dinner, we went to a hundred-year-old Swedish restaurant. It was a pre-ordered meal of Herring as an appetizer and traditional Swedish meatballs as the entree the desert was a chocolate truffle. Instead of meatballs, I had an amazing salad. It had carrots, asparagus and other veggies thrown in with greens. We have a guide here in Sweden, her name is Kiki

We went back to the hostel to get a good nights sleep. Tomorrow we’re waking up early!

June 13, 2016, in Sweden

This morning has been interesting. We got off to a late start to our first destination and on the way, Larissa got pickpocketed. The train ride to Uppsala, Sweden is an hour-long and then a 15-minute bus ride to Johnny’s house. His wife is a doctor and they both study Sami people. We learned about Sami culture and diet. Sami’s are comparable to Native Americans in America. A traditional meal is reindeer meat burritos. Meat is smoked inside a teepee on a murrika with butter and bacon. Because reindeer is so lean they use fats to “make it taste better.” Raindeer burritos come straight from Northern Sweden Sami’s, where it’s cooler in temperature. To keep themselves warm in the winter, skin from legs of deer is used to make shoes and clothing.


We went to another medical museum. Where they were tons of medical utensils and supplies all around the museum. It’s impressive how far all the equipment has come.

Today’s sorbet flavor was raspberry! It was perfection.

It rained yesterday so it got very chilly! Tomorrow starts early at 7:50 am so off to bed.

June 14, 2016, in Sweden

EARLY EARLY EARLY. We’re going to Uppsala again to see more of their culture visiting the Emergency Room, a Museum, and a library.

The ER was awesome! It’s laid out much differently than a typical US hospital. It’s divided into 4 sections. Each time someone comes in they’re sent to the section that most suits them. Uppsala’s hospital sees 150 patients each day. A doctor who gave us a tour was the only physician in the emergency department, which is surprising because in the US there are many physicians. She told us that in Sweden guns are illegal. For that reason, the emergency room has a very low number of those type of accidents.
Uppsala Sweden ER
After the ER we walked across town to the Museum Gustavianum part of Uppsala University. In the museum, there was a hodgepodge of historical items. We only had about 15 minutes to wander around but my favorite was the mummy exhibit. There were actual mummies that were taken out of their coffins and wrapped up in cloth.
Museum Gustavianum Sweden
While we were near the university we stopped in the University’s beautiful library. The detailing of some of the rooms and bookbinding was very impressive. Books were very old, some dated back to the 1500s. On the library tour, the guide showed us the historical first print copy of Huck Finn. The worst book to ever, however, most thought it was cool.
The coffee/sorbet breaks we take every day has a name, Fika. It’s a very popular tradition here.

June 15, 2016, In Sweden

Today we finally get to stay in Stockholm! Oldtown is probably the coolest place so far. The streets are very narrow and the roads are cobblestone. They have special skinny fire trucks to fit through the alleys. There were so many shops and little cafes around too. It was so lively! I loved it, it felt very Europe.

Stockholm Sweden

The Nobel Peace Prize museum is in Old Town too! The prizes started because of a rich man named Alfred Nobel’s last wishes written in his will. There are 5 categories of prizes; physics, peace, medicine, literature, and chemistry. Each year on November 10ththe awards are presented. Around 900 awards have been given so far. Only 48 women winners! The men winners are called “lords”. Each winner was their photo and name on a banner that pans across the ceiling. It takes 4-5 hours to see them all. Before going I had hopes of seeing MLK and/or Barack Obama. To my surprise, I got to see them both!

Barack Obama Nobel Peace Prize
I nearly died of excitement “THAT’S OUR PRESIDENT”.

Today sorbet flavor is passionfruit. It was AMAZING, best sorbet I’ve ever had. I’m pretty sure sorbet is holding me captive & I’ve caught Stockholm syndrome.

Stockholm Sorbet

June 16, 2016, in Sweden

Today started with another train ride to Uppsala. We had an awesome lecture from a woman who worked for the Swedish government in nutrition. Swedish guidelines are very similar to the guidelines in the US. Culturally they consume more fish so they have a guideline for fish that the US doesn’t have. Younger children and women of childbearing age should only eat fatty fish from the Baltic Sea 2-3 times each year. The Baltic Sea has a pollution problem so consumption is regulated more than other seas.

Later in the day
We’re on our way back to Stockholm to grab our luggage from the hostel. Then we are riding the train for 22 hours to Norway. The train cabins are super cute and cozy, there are 3 beds stacked on each other in each room.
Swedish Overnight Train

No wifi or good food. I will be bored and hangry this whole ride. I’m pretty sure I’ve spent at least half this trip hangry. I spent most of the train ride in my bed. I had the top bunk and enjoy looking out the window seeing all the scenery. In the middle of the night, we had a 2-hour delay because a power line fell onto the track.

June 17, 2016, In Norway

We finally got to our destination Narvik, Norway and it was beautiful! The train took us through the fjords which are so pretty. Waterfalls cascade down the snow covered mountains and it’s breathtaking!

Overnight Train, Norway

After hiking 1 mile up a steep mountain with our luggage we found the hotel. By this point, we were all exhausted and hungry. For dinner, they had a Mexican buffet. YES! FOOD I LIKE. There weren’t any beans so I asked if they had any. When I went to the desk to ask the chef said he could make me rice and veggies to put into the burrito. HOW NICE. So my tummy was full and my soul was happy.
We went on an adventure to explore the land after dinner, it was amazing. We were walking along the water and found a tall 3 story peer that looks like a platform that people jump off of into the water or use for fishing.
Narvik Norway
In the water, there were rafts that people could swim to during the summer. Though I’m not sure how because it’s summer and so cold, brrr!

June 18, 2016, in Norway

Today our plan was to go see an old fish market downtown, as fish is a very popular item here. We walked down the mountain to the center but once we got there the fish market had already closed. I was surprised that places close so early here. We stopped by one tent that a woman was selling hand-woven items. They smelled like she had just got the fur fresh from the farm. We didn’t buy anything.

With our free time, we walked up and down a row of mostly closed shops. It was a perfect time to stop and buy souveniers. One souvenir shop was open and they had what I needed. I buy flags everywhere I go, but I accidentally purchased a Finland Flag.

We ended up in a pizza shop. It was around lunch time so we ordered a pizza. It was an okay pizza but not the best. Pizza in Norway

After we finished eating we made our way back to the hotel and didn’t really do too much after that. Hopefully, tomorrow is more eventful.

June 19, 2016, In Norway

Rise and shine! It’s hard to tell what time it is here. Looking outside doesn’t help because it never gets dark! Narvik is more than 100 miles above the Arctic Circle. talk about chilly! 

Today we woke up early to participate in a Summer Solstice festival activity which takes place every year. Today’s event is a 6.1K run up the mountain. It is rainy so not many people are in attendance. The race starts on the Main Street and goes up the windy mountain to the restaurant at the top. On the way up the mountain, it was steep, but so beautiful! There were waterfalls and toward the top there was even snow!

Narvik Norway Summer Solstice

It took about 1hr 40 minutes to get to the very cold top but the view (once the fog passed) was amazing! I was shivering for hours. The weather difference from the top to the bottom was insanely different. It was probably around 30 F degrees at the top and the bottom was 55 F degrees. In Norway, they use the Celsius scale which I’m trying to learn because I like the word centigrade. Luckily we didn’t have to run back down, there was a cable car with a smooth ride and an amazing view.

Norway Hike

After getting down from the mountain I took a HOT HOT HOT shower. We ate dinner at the hotel again because everything felt far away. The chef is my new BFF I went down to the desk and asked about vegan options and he had already made me food! ALREADY PREPARED ME A SPECIAL MEAL. It was a vegan strew and I had a side of little potatoes.

June 20, 2016, in Norway

It’s the first day of summer and I’m spending it in 50-degree weather almost at the North Pole! It’s been raining all morning. We tried to go to the fish market again and it was open! It smelled funny to me but the locals love it. One of the items they had was whale which made me sad, surprised and nauseated all at the same time. I wasn’t sure what to do with myself.

For lunch, we went to a cafe that had vegan food! I got a pizza with veggies in it. I asked the waitress about vegans in Norway and she said that they’re not that common. Unlike Sweden where half the population was either vegetarian or vegan. 

We went shopping around the malls. Narvik is a smaller town with only 18,473 people. There’s not too much to do here compared to our other stops. We went to almost every store they had to kill time. I found some cute items for great prices so of course, I had to buy them.

Once we returned to the hotel we went to the grocery store next door to find pita bread and hummus. We saw it at the other store and thought they might have it at the one closer to our hotel. I have never been so wrong in my whole life. After searching every aisle I decked to ask for help. I asked the woman at the register where they had hummus. She looked at me with the most confused face and said “hummus?” After asking 4 other workers, one man Googled it. He showed me a picture of what goes into hummus and said: “you want all of this in one container?” Needless to say, hummus isn’t as popular here as it is in the United States. 

Our next stop was the top of the mountain (again). This time it was clear as day and we rode the cable car up instead of hiking. We made it to the top just before midnight and sure enough the sun was shining bright! The midnight sun exists!

Norway Midnight Sun

How bizarre that the sun is still up in the middle of the night. Midnight feels like it’s only 6 pm here. People are still out and about just living their lives late at night. I wonder if they even feel sleepy here?! I wouldn’t want to sleep. Seize the day!

Norway Midnight Sun myohmyitsrhy

Just kidding. It’s too cold to do anything but drink coffee and hot chocolate.

June 21, 2016, In Norway

ITS THE LAST DAY IN NORWAY! Today we went to the Nordic museum. At this museum, we learned about the history of Norway. During World War II Norway was bombed by Germany and Narvik burnt. It wasn’t until 1960 when it was fully rebuilt (or as they would say reerected).

We had time for lunch after the museum. The mall was nearby so we went in there to find something yummy. When visiting the mall previously I saw a bookbag that was so pretty! I went back to say hello but ended up buying it instead. Oops. I named him Beckham because it sounds like Beckmann but cuter.

Beckmann Bookbag

It’s a very popular bag in Norway and has nice support in the back. The best part of this bag is that it came with its own poncho! There’s a little zipper on the bottom where it goes when not in use.

After the lunch, we all went to the bowling alley. People of Norway probably bowl often because it’s too cold and rainy to be outside. We played two games. The first game is always the worst, but I won the last game! Thanks, mom for making me take bowling in 4-H it paid off. Ha-ha

By the time we were done bowling, it was dinner time. The farewell dinner took place at Peppes Pizza. I had pizza with no cheese. It was fairly good. Tomorrow we leave for London!

Fun fact: the language in Norway is Norwegian. Imagine that!

Did you make it this far? If so leave a comment about where your favorite place to travel is. & as always to stay in the nutrition know follow me on Instagram and subscribe.

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  1. I have all of these places on my bucket list. Your photos make the trip seem so wonderful. I especially love that you took time to visit the markets and sample to fresh foods!

  2. A true castle with a moat would be incredible to see! What an amazing trip — I feel like I was right there with you from your description and all the photos. 🙂

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