Ultimate Vegan and Gluten Free Travel Snack List

This is probably my last spring break ever before I’m an actual adult! I might have taken “never grow up” a little too seriously. Either way, I’ve got to do it BIG this year because I live too close to Florida not to. I see Florida as the Spring Break capital of the Midwest/ slightly eastern part of America. This isn’t your typical spring break trip, Surprise! I’m going an educational adventure to grow brain cells. Where am I going you ask? It’s a surprise trip for Zach! I could tell you because I’m sure he doesn’t read my blog, but it will stay a secret for now. One of the most important tools for a successful vacation is packing food and snacks. Especially if you have a dietary restriction or are just a picky little eater. This year will be extra tricky because Zach is GF and I’m V. The snack bag will be accommodating for both our lifestyles – yay us! Snack bags keep hanger away and preplanning makes mealtime stress free.
My perfect snack bag is loaded with the following;


Almond Milk the little travel size, shelf stable cartons. Hotels usually don’t have nondairy milk. These are easy to pack, low cost and make a good breakfast great.

Oatmeal packets– all you need is hot water! This is one of my go-to breakfasts if where I’m staying at doesn’t provide breakfast. Not a fan of oatmeal packs, you can make your own. Just use quick oats and brown sugar.

Granola- be careful here sometimes there are a lot of hidden sugars! I proportion them out because I have no self-control.

Avocado Toast- pre-toast bread, pre-cut an avocado and then just put it together. You can even pack add-ons like chickpeas, tomatoes or nooch, also known as nutritional yeast.


What to eat while on the road. If your trip is more than 4 hours avoid using the recipes that require a fridge unless you’re packing a cooler. Food poisoning is not a good way to spend your spring break. I keep it simple with;

Peanut butter & jelly– these are so easy to make and delicious. Don’t forget to read the nutrition label on your pb & jelly to make sure there are no hydrogenated oils or other ickies. I use peanut butter that the only ingredients are peanuts and salt. This does separate so pro tip: store the jar upside down to prevent oil splashing. For GF, V bread I like Little Northern Bakehouse bread.

*no dinner ideas because let’s be real I eat out every night for dinner… balance man, balance.


These should hold you over in between meal times. Combining protein and fiber creates a snack that keeps you feeling full longer. This combo helps avoid the undesirable crash/sleepiness we have all experienced more times than we would like to admit. Instead of packing simple carbohydrates try some of my favorites;

Vegan Protein Bars– like Square Organics. These are VEGAN, GLUTEN FREE, are easy to pack and nutritious. There are a variety of different flavors too, everyone can find one they like. My favorites are Crunch and Cookie Dough.

Fig bars– not to be confused with fig newtons. Those have hidden sugars like high fructose corn syrup. Nature’s Bakery fig bars are my personal favorite.

Snap peas– these are a travel favorite! Black pepper is my top choice. Careful! Some of these aren’t vegan so you’ll want to make sure you check the label.

GF Pretzels– these pretzels are so much better than regular. I eat pretzels because of the crunch and oh my do GF pretzels have the crunch factor.

Apple Sauce- I like the little packets, they don’t require refrigeration and are easy peasy, applesauce squeezy.

Trail Mix– You could make your own or buy one pre-made. I recently found that Aldi has some good trail mix options if you live near one you can check it out.

Guacamole Cups– Because what is a vacation without guacamole? Carrots are perfect for dipping & are a low sodium option.


On road trips, it’s easy to fall into eating foods that don’t leave you feeling so hot. Especially when your sweet tooth starts knocking or in my case screaming—I really love sweets. The word sweets is so often associated with unhealthy. Let’s change that!

Apples & nut butter- apples are easy to pack. Try adding individual serving packs of nut butter.

Cocoa Dusted Almonds- I also found these at Aldi. It works better for me if they are pre-portioned before leaving to help with self-control tehehe.

Black Bean Brownies- make these ahead of time and pack them with you, you will thank me later. Need a recipe? This is one of my favorites

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