Dallas GF AF Expo

The Reason I’m Hyped Up About Being Gluten Free

ATTENTION: Calling all gluten free Dallas residents this post is for you
Don’t stop reading if you’re not from Dallas there’s something here for you too.

The Gluten Free & Allergen Free Expo is coming to Dallas October 27-28. If you’re reading from a different state click here to see if and when they’re coming near you!

Dallas GF AF Expo

I have been living the mostly gluten free (GF) lifestyle since moving to Dallas in May. I didn’t choose this life, the life chose me. To keep Zach’s celiac diseased gut happy our house is a gluten free zone.  In case you’re wondering I do eat gluten if we’re dining out (yesss!)

Secretly, I’ve always thought GF was way too expensive for the lack of taste. These last few months I’ve been learning to cook tasty gluten free meals. Using gluten free alternatives was a bit tricky at first, but now it’s been going surprisingly well. The trick to mastering pancakes is oat flour.

Because I’m so new to this whole gluten free thing, the GF AF Expo will help me tremendously in finding new items. The part I’m most looking forward to is trying samples. I love being able to try a product before purchasing it. Especially since gluten-free items are always more expensive. I will say if I’m able to find I product I like usually I am willing to spend a few more dollars on it.

Enjoy Life

The Dallas GF AF Expo is set to have over 75 vendors! I’m pumped to see all the new products they have. Expo is a great place for brands to showcase their new items by offering samples. The quickest way to my heart is a nice tasty gluten free, plant based sample. Not all the booth will be plant based, but I’m still so excited to meet and connect with all the brands. Maybe I’ll even find a new favorite.


Use code ADVANCE here for 20% off your tickets until 10/26/18! I’m attending with 2 of my good friends and can’t wait for good times and silly pictures!

Let me know below if you’re planning on attending!

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