National Best Friends Day, From My Best Friends to Yours

It’s National Best Friends Day! Did you know such a day existed? I have had the same best friends Alex and Mackinzie since 2001 when we met in 1st grade. That’s 17 years ago. We have been through a lot of ups and downs through the years but it’s too late to get rid of them now, not that I would want to.

Best Friends Day
We were all in 4H this is our getup for spirit night

Circa my 8th birthday party. A trip to Bandidos, my favorite Mexican restaurant at the time. Birthday celebrations were always fun because our birthdays are close (April 12, March 4 and March 8). I’m suggesting that when we turn 30 we have a fancy party. None of us are that fancy so maybe we’ll play board games like Risk and drink real wine instead of sparkling grape juice like we used to.

Best Friends day
The year I learn Dick Clark was dead.

We spent up until 8th grade together then I went to a different high school. Back in the day, we didn’t hang out as a trio you definetly knew we would be together on New Year’s Eve our holiday. Since moving away we hang out as a trio most times when I visit home. 

Happy National Best Friends Day, From My Best Friends to Yours.

ALEX + RHYAN (a.k.a alice + wye)

Best Friends Day myohmyitsrhy

Alex and I become friends in 1st grade, but after 3rd grade, she changed schools. She was back in no time because her new school only went to 5th grade. In 6th grade, we were rekindled. It was like nothing had changed except our awkward prepubescent bodies. Alex lived close enough to my house that we rode the same bus throughout middle school. She got on the bus before me so she picked our seat, we always sat in the same spot. We would share our CD players and headphones, The NOW CDs were our favorite.

Best Friends Day myohmyitsrhy

Beside our bus rides, Alex is the friend I can count on to do something crazy with. Like our one bag adventure to Chicago or our terrible Airbnb Situation, and much more trouble that we’ve gotten ourselves into. I should mention our YouTube channel “The Alice and Wye Show” we decorated my basement, painted the walls to make it look pretty and then filmed ourselves dancing, and doing other odd things, like pretending to box with sound effectsAlex is my artsy friend who is always game for whatever comes up, and I love her for that. She is caring, sweet and kind. When my cat Barney died she made me an “I’m sorry your cat died basket” and when I entered a pageant and did terribly she made a sign and shirts to cheer me on. 

Best Friends Day

Mackinzie + Rhyan (a.k.a Kinz + Rye)

Best Friends Day myohmyitsrhy

Mackinzie and I become friends in the 1st grade because we both had curly hair. No, that’s not a joke. We decided in 1st grade to be friends because we both had the same type of hair & yes we still do if you’re wondering. In middle school, we went to camp together every summer. When we got too old for camp we hung out in the backyard in her camper pretending we were camping. We had a lot of crazy times, from hiding in the staircase during a tornado warning, running into stuff with her 4-wheelers and laying out all night looking for shooting stars.

Best Friends Day- myohmyitsrhy

Mackinzie is the friend that I can count of for planned vacations i.e New York, St Louis, Florida, and so many other places. She is also the person I can count on to always be down for Dunkin’. Kinzie is my level-headed, clear thinking best friend. She is always has a rational answer when I’m talking madness. She is truthful, reliable and nice. When I fly home she’s always there to pick me up from the airport or to visit me the night that I arrive. One time she even showed up with my family holding a welcome home sign.

Best Friends Day


Happy National BEST FRIENDS day! I couldn’t have made it without you!

To make this food related; Kinzie’s favorite food is mac n cheese & Alex loves cookies!

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  1. That’s really impressive you have stayed friends for so long! What a special friendship you ladies must have!

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