Meal Plan


Invest in your health this black Friday.

I am rolling out an all-new service to celebrate the holidays. My new dietitian created monthly meal plan is now available for $65 the first month until November 24, 2018!  Regular pricing is $80/month ($20/week). 


  • Weekly customized plan. 5-day or 7-day options
    • Don’t like a certain food? No problem. Customization comes with each plan.
  • Delicious healthy meal ideas
  • Printable itemized grocery list for each week
  • Nutrient analysis for each day and week
    • Initial meeting with determines your needs.

All recommendations are personalized and based on your specific needs which are included in the initial visit.


*When you hit subscribe it will show you the Black Friday pricing!

Take a look at all the services I provide while you’re here. I can’t wait to get to know you better.