Is Thug Kitchen Cookbook Worth Your Time & Money?

First Impression

A few months ago, I searched on Amazon “vegan cookbook” because I never know what to make for lunch & dinner. Eeek I needed some help! When the search popped up Thug Kitchen caught my eye because the cover read “eat like you give a f***”  & it had an Amazon best seller banner. I clicked on it to read the description and that really sold me because it said “no more ketchup and pizza counting as vegetables. No more drive-thru lines. No more avoiding the produce corner of the supermarket. Sh*t is about to get real.” I love when ish gets real, especially in the kitchen. I got Thug Kitchen without looking at any of the recipes. I read the Amazon reviews just to make sure it wasn’t a total flop. What I gathered from the reviews was that a lot of people didn’t know the book was vegan. Ha! Ha! Meatless Monday for you. I felt like a real baddie for taking a $15 risk on a book I’d never seen the inside of. Realllly hoping this cookbook isn’t a waste of time & money.

Book Breakdown

Content inside is; 17 breakfast recipes, 27 salads, sandwiches and smaller meal recipes, 12 soup and stew recipes, 20 salsas, drinks and snacks recipes, 22 main dish recipes, and 14 dessert recipes. A grand total of about 112 different meals to make. Since I got it I have been testing out a lot of the different recipes. I love that there are so many different options. What I love most is that the recipes are peculiar. Reading through the ingredients list it seems like a bunch of random stuff that shouldn’t belong together. Once the recipe is done somehow it turns out wonderfully! There is a meal for all occasions. Some of the meals require some additional prep before. On average recipes take about 30-60 minutes start to finish.

Sourdough French toast recipe from Thug Kitchen. *Not made with sourdough

In addition to recipes this cookbook has “dropping knowledge” sections. These sections are great for picking up facts about ingredients and other useful stuff. These sections made me literally lol. The way the information is presented will make you lol too. The ONE thing I didn’t like about this cookbook was one of the knowledge sections suggests not using canola oil. Why the heck not?! Canola oil has a low amount of saturated fat and has a smoke point of 400 F (only behind coconut oil by 50 degrees F). PLUS canola oil affordable for the average consumer. But hey that’s just my opinion.

There has only been 1 recipe that I didn’t like much, biscuits and gravy. I never did like biscuits and gravy before though. It’s probably a me problem not a book problem. I did find a new favorite recipe. There are 2 different syrup recipes in this book and they are both delicious. I’m a big fan of homemade syrup for many reasons.
1. You know exactly what ingredients are in it.
2. It isn’t pure sugar
3. It tastes better!

Overall Thoughts

YES this cookbook deserves 5 stars. Spend your hard earned money on it because it’s totally worth it. It has awesome recipes that are perfect for vegan peeps and nonvegan peeps. It is as vital as a Vitamix in the kitchen.Get it HERE!

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