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Welcome to myohmyitsrhy, a food, and nutrition blog run by a Dietitian.

Live a life that makes you say “OH MY!”- in a good way. If you love easy recipes, are curious about a plant-based lifestyle, or want to know what’s up in the nutrition world you’ll feel right at home here. Rhyan is here to help you. She is a Registered Dietitian and has a bachelors degree in nutrition from Arizona State University, who completed her dietetic internship at Georgia Southern.  She enjoys sharing plant-based nutrition information.  When she’s out and about she enjoys finding new restaurants, attending sporting events, and doing DIY projects.

At the age of 16, she unexpectedly found her love for nutrition. Since then her interest has grown immensely. All fields of nutrition are interesting, but most of her interest lies in becoming an entrepreneurial dietitian.

Currently, Rhyan works with Square Organics as a Brand Ambassador as well as owning her own nutrition consulting business. She hopes to grow her practice and is intrigued by adventure. She has a desire to work in an environment that would allow her to explore new and unique opportunities every day.