Zucchini Corn Chowder with Radishes. Crocktober Day 2!

Festive Potato Soup. Day One of Crocktober Fest

Easy Mexican Inspired Black-eyed Peas

Almond Pulp Energy Balls, Zero Waste!

Pom Food Talk Friday

Pomegranate Food Talk Friday

What is a Pomegranate? Pomegranate, scientifically known as Punica granatum, is a long-lived, drought-tolerant shrub that produces red fruit and is surprisingly characterized as a berry. The pomegranate fruit has a hexagonal shape and is about 5-12 cm (2-5 inches) in diameter. It has many edible seeds, each within a juicy, fleshy aril (seed pod)(1). Pomegranate seeds […]

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Food Talk Friday Watermelon

Watermelon is almost out of season, but before fall comes around here’s the juicy scoop on watermelon. Can you guess where watermelon came from? Surprisingly, it originated in southern Africa, specifically the Kalahari desert. Who would have thought that a fruit made of 92% water could grow in a dessert!  Growing a Watermelon Watermelons are a type of gourd, […]

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